Dad's Groats 3kg

Dad's Groats 3kg

SKU: DO-02

About Dad’s Oats
Using the finest Echidna Oats known to grow in Australia, we produce Traditional Rolled Oats, Quick Oats and Groats. For five generations our family farm has grown oats which are nurtured from birth on the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges in Dad's Paddocks, North Central Victoria, Australia.

Types of oats:

Groat Oats
Groat Oats are created by steaming/stabilising de-hulled oat grains.
These are the simplest form of oat - just the raw oat from the paddock with his/her shell taken off and steamed to stabilise the inner oat goodness (and so he/she doesn’t sprout!). These are perfect for all types of cooking, or rolling with our hand stone oat rollers found


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