Apple Cider Vinegar for health contains the mother plant.

The best Apple cider vinegar contains the mother plant.

Being one of natures wonders, it has many benefits if taken daily. Sore throats. Weight loss. A healthy digestive system. Gut health. Reduces blood pressure. Lowers cholesterol. Improves inflammation After working out to relieve lactic acid build up . Regulates blood sugar. Improves your skin. Relieves symptoms of acid re flux. Enhances circulation. Used to repel fleas in your pets without harmful chemicals. TOPICAL USES: Treats warts when applied over a period. Whitening teeth when used to brush. Acts as a natural deodorant.

These are just a few uses for Apple cider vinegar, there are so many more. Add a tablespoons full to water twice a day and see the benefits first hand. Use for the following: A healthy throat, mix 1/4 cup of warm water and ACV. Gargle every hour when you have a sore throat.


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